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Our Credits and Writing History

Here are the many literary and musical accomplishments we have behind us.



2003 (Spiro & Cheryl) Lost in The Park: A country song to be produced on a BBC Children's Charity, Pudsy's CD

2001- forever Spiro & Cheryl joined forces as a song writing team in various genres.

2000 (Spiro) Session keyboard player on a track performed by Kim Salmon & Escabar

1999 (Spiro) Session keyboard player for "Weeve" CD. Aired on Triple J FM and distributed to the USA university circuit.

1998 (Spiro) Musical Director for production of "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat" Bankstown Musical Theatre Society.

1988 (Spiro) Composed Waltzing Matilda Fantasia: A symphonic orchestral piece performed by the Nedlands Symphony Orchestra, Western Australia. Awarded Bicentennial Authority Award.

1987 (Spiro) Musical Director for "Icicles Theatre Company"; production of children's musical for Channel 7's Telethon in Arranging, Preproduction and production capacity.

1976-90 (Spiro) Freelance musician playing bass guitar or keyboards in Rock bands, Cabaret performances. Live and recording experience.

1969-75 (Spiro) Brass Band performances and competitions. Theatre and Musicals. Rock Bands. Compositionperformed by the Sutherland Shire Orchestra, NSW. 5th Grade A.M.E.B.,


February 2003 Spiro & Cheryl's screenplay "The Net" is a first round qualifier for KAOS Short Screenplay Competition.
Submitted short screen play to a production team.
An article reprinted in "Bobbing Around" Newsletter by request of the editor.
An Article "Advice to new writers" reprinted in On Anthologies" Newsletter.
Both articles were originally published in Australia The World Wordsmiths our international writers group.
January 2003 Spiro & Cheryl's five minute screenplay "The Fortune Teller" was a finalist in the Poetry Screenplay competition at Movie Bytes.
2002 Spiro & Cheryl created two online writers groups, one for international writers and one for Australian writers.
Built the links pages on both groups as great resources for all writers.
Wrote many articles for both groups
Wrote dozens of poems each.
Composed several songs,
Began working together on writing screenplays.
2000-2001 Spiro continued writing and developing screenplay ideas, poetry, songs, and a manual.

1999 (Spiro) Studied playwrighting at NSW Writers Centre with Tim Daley.

1998 (Spiro) Correspondence course in Screenwriting with Terry Bourke, a veteran of Australian film making. Began developing screenplay ideas and writing and submitting screenplays.

1996-97 (Spiro) Continued developing and submitting various articles to magazines and newspapers. Continued writing poetry and songs.

1995 (Spiro) Correspondence Course in Freelance Journalism. Published article in Canberra Times.

1991-1994 (Cheryl) Member of Poetry alive in Liverpool, NSW. Writing and Reading poetry at various venues. Published in three successive anthologies from Poetry Alive. Interviewed by Kathryn Anderson on 2BLU community radio.

1986-1988 (Cheryl) Writer, poet, copywriter, assistant editor of New Life Centre Newsletter, Doonside, NSW.

1985-1990 (Cheryl) Continued writing poetry and prose for pleasure.

1984 (Cheryl) various poems published in "The Prattler" Newsletter Port Pirie SA. Columnist, assisting with layout, copywriting and editing of the Newsletter.

1979-1994 (Spiro) Continued writing poems songs and stories for pleasure. Entered several competitions. Live performance of Poetry. Recorded and performed various original works.

1978 (Spiro)Correspondence course in Creative Writing
1974-1983 (Cheryl) Writing poetry, stories and Prose for pleasure.

1965-1977 (Spiro) Writing poems and stories for pure pleasure.